Software Department

Business Automation


We develop custom automation systems based on your requirements and industry.


We help ineffective and aging software to work efficiently and evolve according to business requirements.


We offer complete maintenance and support for all kinds of ongoing automation systems.

Reduce Human Error

Automated processes makes it easy to identify the risks of human error and place appropriate controls to reduce it. Human errors in mundane tasks is most likely to happen again and again. Our customers have been using our automation systems in order to use their human resource in creative and productive tasks.
Trudge IT Solutions's business automation systems follows certain patterns in order to make your processes smooth.

Enterprise Portals


We offer a wide range of portal solutions with unique ideas for each of our clients.


Your website and applications are incorporated through a user-friendly portal interface.


Ineffective and unproductive portals are transformed into efficient and highly functional infrastructures.

Information at your fingertips

All information about your business's ongoing activities are easily accessed through our simple and user-friendly portal interface. In addition to making your processes easier, collaboration throughout your organization will also be increased.

E-Commerce Solution


We offer 360 degree development service of e-commerce platforms for your company.


We offer accelerated integration services required to satisfy ecommerce-driven needs.


We deliver on-demand solutions, including everything from design upgrades to functionality enhancements.

Sell your product 24/7

Consumers around the world are moving from physical stores to buying goods and services online. Our e-commerce web development services help your company to expand your business in every aspect of internet commerce.



From installation to execution, we provide complete ERP services for your company to get started.


We provide our expert advice for your custom business ERP needs and requirements.


We provide services to help our clients in any type of upgradation or migration of ERP systems.

Integrated business process

Enterprise resource planning are the integrated software systems used to manage the internal resources of an organization. Trudge IT Solutions's ERPs are used by several organizations throughout the world.
Each and every ongoing process of an organization is integrated into our ERP, which leads to highly efficient operations and increased productivity.



Our team develops customized CRM software for your company according to your requirements.


We'll handle the installation and have your software up and running in no time.


We transform ineffective CRM software into efficient and highly functional infrastructures.

Customers are our most valuable assets

At Trudge IT Solutions, we consider our customers our most valuable assets. We help our clients follow the similar ideal by providing them with extraordinary CRM software solutions.
Our clients' trust in our services comes from our extreme attention to detail and the high quality of our work. We have served our clients with CRM solutions by providing them different creative ideas for their customer acquiring and retention.



We develop full-fledge custom designed workflow automation software.


We integrate our workflow automation system with other processes in order to increase collaboration.


We're able to breathe new life into aging and ineffective workflow systems to make them more efficient.

Work smarter not harder

Because working smartly is the key to high productivity, you should leave all of your manual and repetitive tasks to our workflow automation system. This way, your employees can devote their efforts to more productive tasks.

"I trudge on, I gain a little, I feel encouraged, I get more eager and climb higher, begin to see the widening horizon".