Website And CMS

Web Design

A website is the perfect platform to create a dependable, positive image that automatically comes to mind when people think of your business. Trudge IT Solutions, a top website design company in INDIA helps you by designing and creating a website that not only looks great but also meets the needs of you and your targeted audience.
We'll study your business and empower your brand by creating a website that engages the users and increases traffic to your site.

Website Development

Works Everywhere

Your website will work 'responsively' on all devices. Whether it's mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, watch, cars, or the future.

Simple Usability

Our experienced and skilled back-end web development teams have converted complex websites into a stunning online presence.


We all know how fast technology moves. No matter what devices come out, we develop each website according to the changing technology.

QA & Testing

Every website we create has to pass benchmarks. We check for usability, navigation, UI, UX and stability.

Well-Documented Codes

Your ease is always our first priority, it's our policy to provide our customers with easily maintainable and well documented codes.

Full Customization

Our websites are precisely optimized to your unique brand and business model. Every single detail of your website is designed to your business.

Improve your website functionality.

There's nothing more important to your brand than a properly functioning, attractive website which directly interacts with your customers. It is how most of them learn about your business, place orders, browse its products and services that makes us the top web development company.
Providing you the agile web development services is our forte. Trudge IT Solutions helps your company in attracting your audience through sleek navigation and rapid load times, we as the custom web development company highlight the strengths and advantages of your business, distinguishing it from competitors and attracting more visitors.

Custom Development

Memorable Interactions

We make engaging websites that draw customers in and create memorable interactions - all with a focus on making you money.

Smart Coding

Our sites are designed to drive traffic to your business. Each package comes with in-depth analytics to help you spot opportunities.

No Limitations

With the custom website from Trudge IT Solutions, you do not have to adjust your specifications. We deliver the work precisely to your requirements.

Website Security

We build a secure website and we stand by our work and take full responsibility for every line of code that we write.

Proven Delivery Methodology

After hundreds of projects, we have developed a methodology that delivers exceptional results every time.


Websites undergo multiple phases of testing, starting from individual codes and assembled components to a complete functional test.

Third-party Integrations

It isn't always cost effective to reinvent the wheel. While we develop customized solutions for many clients, when appropriate, we seamlessly integrate the power of established, third-party APIs not only to cut down on development costs but also to incorporate systems that clients might already be using, such as Salesforce, Marketo,, Google Maps, and popular social apps.

Scalability, Extendibility Performance.

A custom website is built to your requirements. We take into account expected user traffic and your website will be able built to scale with an increased load of users. From the first build, we devise a strategy for the sites future growth. We will also help you choose a hosting plan that will fit your exact needs.

Single Page Apps

Single-page app allows you to tell your story in a progressive manner.

Better Interaction

We provide Apps which have "Application like" interactions with all the users even though a single page is involved.

Works Offline

Pages are available offline because of easy caching of the SPA. Loading the entire app in the first download creates a rapid solution.

User Experience

Without refreshing the page, HTML is rendered, which gives the user a fluid smooth and seamless experience.

Performance Improvement

All the files are loaded in the first time. All the assets such as HTML/ JavaScript /CSS/Images files are loaded on the first call.

Load Distribution

Can handle load distribution more efficiently through dynamic data load from the server-side API and connection with powerful web services.

Easy Caching

When the JavaScript loads the first time, it saves a cache of the application, making sure it loads quicker next time.

Applications that impact the bottom-line

Trudge IT Solutions believes that customers experience is the key to success. Single page applications provides the best experience by doing away with loading delays or refreshing the page for each load.
Single Page Applications are web applications that load a single page and dynamically update the page. To engage and retain customers, load-time and performance are the key.

Page Application Frameworks

JavaScript is extensively used to build dynamic web solutions, from server to client, and at Trudge IT Solutions, web developers have mastered it. Being complementary to, and integrated with, Java; JavaScript skill is a natural extension of the Java development competency Trudge IT Solutions is proud of.
Our team consists of seasoned software engineers with an experience and intellect to understand the rise of HTML5/JavaScript-based frameworks that are extensively used for SPA development enabling native, app-like interaction with the app and real-time web functionality.

B2B & B2C Portals

Create a rich online experience for market places with our B2B and B2C portals.

Ecommerce Portals

Ecommerce portals developed by Trudge IT Solutions ensure that your ecommerce initiatives take full advantage of the 24/7 web presence.

Content Management

Our CMS solutions enable you to make your web portals an effective communication channel through dynamic content management.

Social Networking

We focus on creating attractive, easy to use and scalable social software that facilitates online communication and networking.

Electronic Payments

Our expertise in integrating e-payment technologies enables us to equip your online solution with dynamic features and functions.

Digital Media Distribution

We offer excellent solutions for your digital media delivery and development of content-rich applications.

Remote Consulting System

We offer our expertise in developing remote consulting systems that can effectively complement your onsite services.

Manage relationships with clients

Capture customer data and make the most out of it. Our solutions helps you keep track of your sales, create buying personas and gain more insight for your marketing strategies. Trudge IT Solutions has been helping its clients to build and manage a strong relationship with their customers by helping them to capture and arrange the useful data of their potential and current customers.

Engage and grow your audience

The immense potential of online markets are best realized through effective consumer portals which successfully combine information, community and commerce with the requisite reliability and security for successful e-business operations. It is no surprise that businesses globally want to capitalize on the power of B2B & B2C portals for increased revenues and improved relationships with partners, vendors and customers.

CMS Websites

Complete your tasks with ease using Trudge IT Solutions's CMS web development.


Add, delete, edit or modify the text and images, and videos to improve the look and feel of the website.

Admin Control Management

We provide user-friendly admin panel which makes it easy to manage and control the content displayed on the website.

Cost Effective

Reduces the cost of your project as it is easy for any user to modify or control the website content without any technical knowledge.

Website Easily Manageable

We provide solutions in order to simplify and make it easier for you to manage large amount of data.

Social Media Integrations

Get noticed by most number of users by integrating all your social media channels in the website.

SEO Friendly

We help our clients in Improving their rankings by using the correct SEO tools and providing keyword rich content.

Full Control of your content

Business owners want to have a total control over their website content and can achieve that through a robust content management system. From online retailers to news websites, CMS technology is highly favoured.
Not everyone is an expert about technicalities to build and maintain a website. But with Trudge IT Solutions CMS website development you can create, publish, distribute, and manage your website on your own.

Smart CMS solutions.

"Content is the King" nowadays for websites with an increasing number of prospective customers and users seeking quality content. Good content not only helps with improved search results in search engines but also gets shared through various social media platforms, thus assisting with better marketing strategies. However, at times it might become difficult for you to manage large amounts of content in your website.
Websites built with CMS are the ideal solution for you to easily handle large amounts of content without any trouble or difficulty. It helps with easy management of your data on online web portal or website in an effective manner.

E-Commerce Websites

We help companies increase profits and grow online.

Checkout Experience

Our checkout process makes it easy for your customers to complete transactions by eliminating hurdles in ordering.

Payment Gateways

We provide more than 50 different payment gateways and processors for your customers to make payments easily.

Easy to Navigate

We develop excellent Ecommerce site navigation which helps shoppers to find products quickly and easily.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

When a visitor adds an item to their shopping cart, their cart is easily displayed on the page in a small window.

Third Party API's

We help you integrating your website with third parties in order to make your processes smooth and seamless.

Security Features

We employ the most current and cutting-edge security to your site to protect customer data and block incidents like security breaches.

Trusted by companies big & small

We have supported the growth of many local, regional and multinational companies, providing award-winning, easy-to-use web designs underpinned by rock-solid development and showcased by results-focused marketing. We're a Digital Agency with a difference!
Our user-centric approach has been refined and we continue to broaden our range of core services to drive your online offering forward. Let Trudge IT Solutions help you to sell more; it's as easy as that.

User-friendly elements.

Keep the design of the website as clutter-free as possible. Give users a clear idea of where they are within your website structure with features like breadcrumb navigation and dropdown menus. Also make sure to add elements such as a consistently visible shopping cart through a user's time on your website so that users know exactly what they have in their cart and how much it costs.

"I trudge on, I gain a little, I feel encouraged, I get more eager and climb higher, begin to see the widening horizon".